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Re: Form that adds and shows results on new page

Subject: Re: Form that adds and shows results on new page
From: "dpark25"
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:03:35 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev
I was trying to give you a start on the menus since it was read as "I need all 
this", not "this is what i have already".  So sorry to have sent you down the 
wrong path.

 However, if on the first page you set your form action to go to the second 
page, (and you might need to - response.write values into them on the first 
page),  then on the second page do request.form from all the fields you'll have 
the data you're after.

 But this is a bit tedious since you could have quite a few fields to do this 
for.  And I don't know of another way to do it off hand which is why i didn't 
initially speak to it because I'd imaging there might be something better   But 
something like this has worked for me (excuse it's crudness):

 ' page1.asp - get user input
 <form method="POST" action="page2.asp" name="myForm">
 ' get data into another field in case your doing other processing on it, other 
 ' it might not have to be hidden or duplicated for that matter; just the 
normal post
 ' should send it to the next page
 <input type="hidden" name="Field1" 
value="<%response.write(request.form("firstField")) %>">
 <input type="submit" value="Do Some Action" name="button1">
 ' .etc for each field you're passing

 ' page2.asp - do something with user input
 <form method="POST" action="yourNextPage.asp" name="myForm">
 <input name="Field1" value="<% response.write(request.form ("firstField")) %>" 
 ' etc. for each field you're retrieving
 ' do something with the data; so reiterating it and adding values up seems 
 ' straight forward

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