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Re: Need Help Disabling Button

Subject: Re: Need Help Disabling Button
From: Dave C
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 18:37:29 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.lingo

Ah Yes, you are correct. You need to send a message to all the buttons telling them the question has been answered. So send the message on mouseUp
on mouseUp me
   if Not pQuestionAnswered then
       -- the rest of your code

and add this message handler to the buttons

on QuestionAnswered me
   pQuestionAnswered = TRUE

That should do it (I think), but let me know.

andyulrika_is_back wrote
Hi Dave

 Thanks for the replies. I've added your code and this is what happens...

If I click on the correct answer it plays its appropriate sound and when clicked on again - plays no sound, which it should, since its now inactive. Same applies to clicking on a wrong answer.
 However, when I click on another button it sounds once and then silent
 So, my guess is that the code is affecting only the sprite that is clicked on
first and not all the sprites at once, which makes sense since I don't have any
sendsprite info going out to the other sprites - Would that be right?
 Any ideas how I can fix this - I haven't a clue about sending info to other
 But, I've uniformly put all the buttons on the same channels throughout my
movie - 56,57,58,59 - so maybe there's leeway for adding a piece of code to
make the other sprites behave or should I say - unbehave!


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