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Re: Optimizing Performance

Subject: Re: Optimizing Performance
From: "l2player"
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 00:15:00 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.lingo
Thank you all. Great and honest answers, Production Mokey and Mike Blaunstein! 
Your names sound so different  :)

 I use stepFrame with a heavy code in it while (theoretically) being worried 
about the following. On certain frames it takes, say, 5 msec to run the code 
and on other frames it takes 20 msec. I cannot predict beforehand which of the 
two cases will happen. Let it always takes 10 msec to redraw the stage and then 
it remains nothing else to do on each frame, which each lasts 34msec. (So in 
between the EnterFrame and the exitFrame events it passes either 34-15 or 34-30 

 Now, the frame timer is re-started regularly every  34 msec, but the on 
StepFrame handler consumes irregular time BEFORE the stage is refreshed. 
Therefore, I get irregular time intervals between the refreshes.  My animation 
looks jerky!

 The effect would never happen if I placed that heavy code into the EnterFrame 
handler, which executes AFTER the refreshes. (The intervals between the 
EnterFrame and exitFrame would be irregular, but the interval between the 
refreshes of the stage would always be 34 msec).

 In this regard, the enterFrame seems "better". 

 Still I use StepFrame. I hope the old guru told nothing bad about it to 
Production Monkey :) . Could you or Mike or anybody else comment on it, please ?

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