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Re: Film Loop Sprites going wonky...

Subject: Re: Film Loop Sprites going wonky...
From: "Darrel Hoffman"
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 09:09:30 -0400
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.lingo
> scale with .with and .height does that behaviour.
> move with .loc, .locH and .locV should work.
> try to scale and move with sprite(x).rect, it's more calculation, but 
> worked
> for me in most cases.

Most of them (including the wonky ones) aren't being scaled via scripts, but 
are manually scaled by dragging the rect-corners.  (Holding down CTRL to 
keep the aspect ratio the same.)  There ARE film loop sprites that are being 
scaled via scripts (using width and height), but these ones haven't had any 
problems so far.  None of them are being moved via scripts in this case.  I 
ultimately solved this problem by deleting all of the offending film loop 
members and recreating them from scratch (I make a habit of keeping any 
sprites involved in film loops sitting together on a frame past the end of 
my used frames, in case I need to make any changes - that saved my butt this 

Incidentally, does anyone know WHY scaling film loops via height/width has 
this problem?  It's particularly annoying, and a bug you'd think somebody 
would've noticed by now, considering the film loop feature has been in the 
program since I-don't-know-what version, but at least as far back as 3.  I'd 
also like it if it were possible to reverse-engineer a film-loop, converting 
it back into its component sprites so you can make changes - that way I 
wouldn't have to keep them around on that dead-frame at the end.  (It'd also 
be nice if you could run other stuff on film loops, e.g. change their color, 
ink settings, etc.  But I suppose that's a lot to ask for an old feature 
that hasn't changed in at least 7 versions.)

Just out of curiosity - has any of this been changed at all in Dir11?  I'm 
still on MX2004, so I don't know what-all has been improved yet.  Crossing 
my fingers for a few recent annoyances like this... 

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