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Re: Full Screen DVD

Subject: Re: Full Screen DVD
From: "tripplesub"
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 10:07:45 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.lingo

 I'm working on a project that does this at the moment:

 What I've done is make a movie script that initialises everything:

 global fullscreenvar
 global stagerectvar
 global spriterectvar

 on prepareMovie me
     fullscreenvar = false
   stagerectvar = (the stage).rect
   spriterectvar = rect(0, 0, 720, 576)

 Then added a mouseUp behaviour to the DVD sprite:

 global fullscreenvar
 global stagerectvar
 global spriterectvar

 on mouseup me
   if fullscreenvar = true then
     (the stage).rect = stagerectvar
     sprite(yourDVDsprite).rect = spriterectvar
     sprite(yourDVDsprite).locH = 365
     sprite(yourDVDsprite).locV = 292
     fullscreenvar = false
     (the stage).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]
     sprite(yourDVDsprite).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]
     fullscreenvar = true

   end if

 All of that should let you click to make it fullscreen, then click the 
fullscreen video to return to the normal size (you will have to change the locH 
and locV properties to make sure your one goes back to the correct location on 
the stage. If you look at the code you should be able to figure out what is 
happening - basiclly when you click, it checks if the sprite is already 
fullscreen, and if it is, changes it back to the original size and position. if 
it isn't then it makes it fullscreen.

 Problem (maybe you can help?) - With a widescreen monitor and 4:3 video, the 
video will be stretched out, which is baaaaaad. I was thinking I could use some 
other code that is executed IF the screen width devided by the screen height 
was greater than 1.33? Maybe the "fullscreen" property you are using gets 
around this, I'll have to check.

 All the best 

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