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Couple of Scripting questions

Subject: Couple of Scripting questions
From: "ytlevine"
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:45:36 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.lingo
I have a few scripting questions that I need help with. I am using Lingo.
 First question:
 I am using the BuddyAPI getfilename function to open an "open" dialog. When a 
file is selected, it returns the full path of the file, e.g. 
C:\MyFolder\mydoc.txt. Is there any way to get a variable from this with either 
just "mydoc"(in the example) or "mydoc.txt"?
 #2: If I change the association of a video member, is there a way to have it 
1)detect the size 2) resize the sprite 3)resize the projector window if 
neccesary? (I can probably just make the projector window big enough so there 
is no need to set the size)?
 3: If I want to load a few files, and want them to be separate variables, e.g. 
file1, file2, etc., is there a way to use the variables with the same name, and 
have it go to the first available one - if file(#) > "" then use variable 
file(# + 1)?
 4: Is there a way to load multiple video files to play in a row, and give the 
option to add a file to the existing list?

 I really appreciate all help!

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