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Re: FINALLY, it's here!

Subject: Re: FINALLY, it's here!
From: "scarroll"
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 02:48:57 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
Well I've downloaded the Demo at  and it 
looks nice and speedy, however I have yet to see anything that appears to be 
DirectX9 enhanced. This demo could have easily have been created in Director 

 There are a few new Xtras that I'm not familiar with like 'Dynamiks.x32' and 
an obvious new FileXtra4.x32 along with a budapi.x32. They might be leveraging 
a the new 3D physics seeing that Havok was dropped. I certainly hope that it 
will be a compatible replacement so that ChromeLib 3D behaviors (A MUST HAVE) 
will work. 

 ChromeLib is a set of drag n' drop behaviors written in pure script that 
appear in the Library tab that makes 3D development a snap and should have been 
included in Director's original paltry set of canned behaviors (next to 'go to 
the frame'). 

 Perhaps there will be a future demo that will really show if D11 is using DX9 
in all its advanced shader glory (read: shadows, reflection map, bloom/glows)?

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