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Re: Director 12

Subject: Re: Director 12
From: "mikromidas"
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 08:50:29 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
Mold of Man:
 1. I've never heard about any company offering 'make your pick' software 
bundles like you suggest. FYI the current CS3 bundles comes on 2 - 5 DVDs 
depending on your choice, so obviously there are several apps put together on 
each disc. There is no way you can take out just AE and replace it with Di. The 
packages are also sealed already. Although your 'concept' is perhaps a valid 
suggestion for the future, please don't make the jobs for the people at the 
bottom more difficult than needed. I don't consider this poor customer service. 
Granted, many years ago we had a bundle from Macromedia where indeed Director 
was the centerpiece, called the 'Shockwave studio'. It inluded a graphics 
program that was Fireworks' predecessor and a sound editing application. The 
current Creative suite Premium is an absolute bargain (even if it's a nice heap 
of cash anyway), and I see no good reason why complain that you can't remove 
one item. And why trade with After Effects? It's a great companion for 
Director, if you use any video inside Director at all (and quit a few does...). 
If the reason is that you don't know how to use it, it's time to take a course 
- it's an amazing app.

 2. As for AS2 versus AS3... The latter is 'Java' while the former is 
'Javascript', and despite the naming similarities, they are two TOTALLY 
different languages - because it's a totally different CONCEPT. Adobe suggest 
in the Flash documentation that you use AS3 for "application development", but 
stick with AS2 for traditional "multimedia development". It makes sense then 
that Di supports AS2, since you write the application in Director, don't you? 
It will be exciting to see which way this goes however. One could imagine a 
future where all of Adobe's 'heavy duty' application development environments 
used the same programming language. Currently my bet would be on something 
Java-derived like AS3. I'm pretty sure AS3 was introduced to attrackt more 
'serious' programmers to the Flash environment to give it more wheight in 
corporate developemts (i.e. be the 'preferred technology' when competing aginst 
Microsoft especially, even in large corporate projects). At MAX there were 
several Java developers, and they were nodding their heads in the AS3 classes, 
which is kind of promising for Adobe I guess ... But on the other side AS3 is a 
long step away from the user friendlyness of AS2 (relatively) and Lingo 
(definetly!). Personally I find AS3 sooo heavy... In the books it seems easy 
enough, but it's never so in practice. With Lingo it's the opposite. It's the 
most 'human' programming language ever, and as we know it's got very good 
performance still.

 I am more curious as to what will happen to AIR versus Director. At the MAX 
conference I mentioned, I just had to grab one of the AIR evangalists and ask 
him "but Director has been able to do practically all of this - and so much 
more! - for many YEARS already. What's really "new" with AIR!?!???". Actually 
the guy was aware of this, but "Director was too fragmented" and blah - blah. 
But of course he's right too. Anyway, having multiple opportunities to do the 
same things is not bad in itself, as long as each development environment is 
treated fair.

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