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Re: Quicktime crashes

Subject: Re: Quicktime crashes
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:26:14 -0800 PST
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
On Feb 6, 6:24 pm, "Highbrow" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi, I dusted off my copy of MX2004 (Win XP) recently to tweak a project, and
> neither the authoring environment nor the CD as mastered would work anymore,
> crashing as soon as Quicktime movie was displayed. In fact, with a new project
> open Director would crash just bringing up the Quicktime window. I figured
> something else in my system was screwed so I bit the bullet and did a clean
> install of XP, layered on the relevant mobo and video drivers, and then put 
> the
> latest Quicktime 7.41 and MX 2004, plus the authoring update back on. Still no
> joy.   So I lowered the hardware acceleration settings for video, and lo and
> behold, I got it running. Director won't display Quicktime video anymore 
> unless
> hardware acceleration is 2 stops short of completely disabled. No idea what 
> has
> changed to do this, as it was running fine last year, on the same hardware.
> Perhaps my nVidia video drivers are to blame, but it was quite disconcerting.
> Anyone else had this issue?  Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm a fan of
> Director, still, tho I code in Flash / Flex now. cheers, Hugh

Just had the same experience with some of our legacy programs (MX2004)
on a brand new machine.
Spent hours doing much that you listed in your post - exactly the same
symptoms. I did not have a chance to check hardware acceleration, but
will go back that now to see if it works. Are you talking about
hardware acceleration in the display setting panel?
Thanks. Jim

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