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Re: Director 12

Subject: Re: Director 12
From: "Mold of man"
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 03:08:58 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics

re Actionscript in Director

 ?If Lingo is striped down or downsized. It might mean I don't buy?

 Been out of it for a few years now, just got burned out being the only D 
developer doing some hugh jobs, making millions for Chicago?s top marketing 
companies while I sweated 12 hour days. (never again for someone else!!!) I 
wanted to get back into it and I was ready to buy the master collection for 
$2500.00, tonight!!! 19, Feb 2008, if they would swap out After effects for 
D11, but no one at adobe (online chat) could make that happen for me, I told 
them I would buy it right now over the phone, still they couldn?t help. 

 Called their support line, got transferred to India or somewhere out of U.S. 
Nice to know they support American jobs, right?? Asked them about when D11 
would be available and they read from the same old script? No further 
information is available on any new releases of Director MX 2004. Wait I said? 
They are taking pre-orders right now at Reply ?Oh I see that now? 

 Nice release party for Director guys and girls.

 Come on already, put it in a master collection and dump aftereffects it?s the 
same price, right? I might still buy on impulse.(Tip: That?s what marketers 
count on) 

 In the mean time I'll sweat out my impule to make an emotional "buy right 
now", "got to have it now!"and let everyone else test it first. If Lingo is 
striped down or downsized. It might mean I don't buy until I learn javascript? 
that seems to be the way Adobe is taking everything now-a-days. If you watch 
their whiteboard video for FLEX/FLASH shame... Mastered Lingo, and I'm not to 
excited about having to master javascript. but hea I'm still kinda young. =) 
Good luck and warm regards peeps. I?ll keep my fingers crossed. 

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