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Re: director with access

Subject: Re: director with access
From: "alchemist"
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 14:27:03 +0200
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
Hi Dave,

> Also,  I like to support open source software whenever I can.
I take it you mean free software, right?
There is free software, and there is commercial software. Both require time
to be built. However, when a product is made available for free, that can
do -usually 'more or less'- what a commercial product can, the latest
becomes endangered species.
There are cases, -and I' speaking in general here, and by no means referring
to Valentin- when a developer can afford working for free. Might be for the
glory, because he has no financial problem, for fun or just because.
But this does have an impact on the rest of the developers that may not be
able to afford the same luxury, and, no matter how good the outcome of their
work could be, it will never be produced if it can't be sold.
Therefore, releasing free software may lead to lower quality products and/or
higher price tags for the commercial ones.
Personally, I believe that, for educational purposes, everything should be
When it comes to building commercial products though, all tools should have
a price tag.
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