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Re: Director 11 Student version

Subject: Re: Director 11 Student version
From: Dean Utian
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 11:02:15 +1100
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
"[email protected]" wrote:

> I tried for over an hour with someone with only basic English skills to try to
> pre-order the $99 Student version. I finally had to hang up after the fourth
> time he took me to the same page that has the $299 Educators version & the 
> $999
> regular version. What is even the difference between the Educators version &
> the Student version.  I couldn't get one answer out of this Customer Service
> person. Anyone know where I can go to pre-order a copy & find some "real"
> information? I also need a quote for a 33 seat Mac lab.

Hi mwh,

Student versions and Education versions exist for quite a few Adobe products.
Here's how I understand the difference. The Education version is available to
anyone using Director in an educational context. It is mainly for teachers,
lecturers, and for the educational institutions to purchase the licenses.  
when a school buys a bunch of Adobe licenses, they'd typically get a bulk 
so the price would be less than the Educational one. A Student price is 
relatively new from Adobe (I've only seen it since the release of Creative 
Suite 3
products). It is aimed specifically to students. As a lecturer, I can't buy the 
version. However, my students can. I don't know what restrictions there are in
terms of the Student eligibility. I know it is sold at my university in the
bookstore (for CS3).

Now, recently, I asked Adobe the question:
Why does pricing for Director show one price in US$ if you look online at the 
site on teh main Director page, but if you navigate the online store to another
country, the price is higher (in US$ or even with current exchange rates).
The answer I was given was that outside the USA, Adobe give resellers the
competitive advantage in selling their products. So, the online store is always
higher than if you contacted a reseller.

Where are you? I'd suggest you contact a reseller of Adobe products and ask what
the best deal they can give. Even compare a few.


Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast
email: [email protected]

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