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Re: Shockwaves Blog

Subject: Re: Shockwaves Blog
From: Dean Utian
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 09:04:07 +1100
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics
MartyPlumbo wrote:

>  Yesterday, I made a vaguely critical post
> comments about the D11 interface not looking all that different than the D10
> interface and it's still in post limbo.
>  I hope Allen isn't censoring.   :-)

Hi Marty,

I think Allen's blog is either slow or is down. I put a 'Thanks' post on the one
about my tutorials that hasn't gone online yet. Thanks by the way for your 
on that page.

In terms of the screenshot that's on the GDC page that looks like D10, you can 
your house that it is not what D11 will look like. D11 may not have an entirely
different look and feel as those kind of changes can be time consuming (knowing
about MX changes), but Director will be getting a new logo. The Director logos
included in the screenshot are D10 versions. New ones were revealed quite a 
back on another Adobe blog (John Nack)'-icons.jpg

Rebranding of the product is something companies reveal as late as possible to 
wider audience as they want it to be fresh and new when it comes out.


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