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Re: FINALLY, it's here!

Subject: Re: FINALLY, it's here!
From: Mike Blaustein
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 13:42:33 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics

I think you are reading too much between the lines here. They are not saying that they are replacing the functionality of any existing xtras. Director 10 can already support more than 40 video, audio, and image formats. Of course, the video formats require Quicktime, RealPlayer, and/or Windows Media Player to be installed. The quote does not say that external dependencies will be removed if that is what you want to know. The point of MpegAdvance is that it removes these dependencies.
Enhanced text engine means that text will be rendered differently. I
don;t know what issues you are having that requires you to use PSD files
instead of text, but I have done many projects using text in Director
and it works fine. Now it will be a new rendering engine which
hopefully, will be an improvement. Will it be better than Photoshops
text engine? Wait and see.
It never says anything about being able to author DVDs. Just like in Dir
10, you can import and play DVD content. Not author DVDs. I suspect
that will not be changing significantly. If it were, then they would
say that you can not author DVDs.

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