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Re: FINALLY, it's here!

Subject: Re: FINALLY, it's here!
From: Mike Blaustein
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 06:12:06 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics

I don't think Adobe has ever made any statements about Linux support, so I'm not sure what you heard or who from. Be careful who you listen to on public forums. Because someone listed it in a wishlist on a forum that is not actively monitored by Adobe does not mean that Adobe has plans for it either for or against...
There is more to the new PhysX engine then just the Vista thing. That
was just an example I gave. I did not intend to say that the whole
reason for it is for Vista. You asked "what's the point" and I answered
with one (I think) very good point. There is also the fact that Havok,
while it worked quite well, has not been officially supported since
Director 8.5, and is only available by pulling it from an old 8.5
installation. Now there will be an officially supported physics engine.
 And it works on Intel Macs. There are also new features that Havok
doesn't have - this is a direct copy from part of a post that Allen
Partridge (official Director Evangelist) sent to Direct-L
So the advantages are, 1. It exists. 2. Its Faster. 3. 3D Save in both
authoring and runtime 4. Physics based raycasting that is orders of
magnitude faster - some would say 'lightening fast'. Also terrain maps,
6dof joints, and concave collisions that are smooth like buttah.

So its better than Havok because it a. exists, b. can run on MacTel, and
c. can run on Vista.

Can you still use Havok? Sure, as long as you own 8.5, don't need MacTel
or Vista support, don't use Unicode names for assets or anything related
to 3D, and don't mind slower performance.

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