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Re: director 11

Subject: Re: director 11
From: Professor
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 18:37:57 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.director.basics

scarroll wrote:
An alternative to Director? After looking at, and hundreds of role playing games. I would have to say anything but Director. Although Director *would have been ideal*. The thought makes my stomach sick as I know that Director/Shockwave's install base is less and less. With the claim of it being the number one 3D render on the web (many calling BS on this one) I would have to now say *its less and less likely to be Director* and definately not AIR. For a role playing game in 3D I would have to point to custom, and in most cases, platform dependent software written in either C++, or a scripting like ECMA Script language coupled with a library like Orgre3D or Unity3D. For standalone development its clear that there are dozens of development environments from DarkBASIC to Torque, and the list goes on. Director, for me, holds a special place in my heart as being one the first languages I picked up (Lingo). Coupled with a familiarity, its a natural bias. Its just sad that its also a misguided, isolated, and lost one...
Actually, I'm not so concerned about the 3d. I probably should have said an adventure game not role-playing. The shockwave compression is important to make my setup file small and downloadable from the web (not some huge source on CD or DVD), the ability include voice, nice scripting language like lingo, and ability to important jpg rendered 3d scenes.

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