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Re: embeded derby as client variable store

Subject: Re: embeded derby as client variable store
From: "ToBeNamedLater"
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 15:47:20 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.server_administration
> One thing. All these installs... did they all come from the same installer
 > file (ie: the one you D/Led from the Adobe website)? If so, what's the
 > size of the file in bytes?

 > My Coldfusion-8-win.exe file is 343,205,536 bytes; coldfusion-801-win.exe
 > is 393,019,680 bytes.

 I'm not sure I can answer that. I have CF8 in a box, but I really don't 
remember if I installed it from there or from a download. The updater I 
installed from a download:

 coldfusion-801-win_updater.exe 137,178,880 bytes, 04-Apr-08

 I [i]believe[/i] my client did the same, at least for the live system. 
Client's dev system had a catastrophic failure and was rebuilt using only the 
801 from download. But all three behave the same way.

 > I have known in the past for Adobe (although probably Macromedia @ the
 > time) to put up slightly bung installer downloads, which later get fixed.

 Wonderful. Very professional.

 > If I were you, I'd probably live with my dev box being "weird", but I'd
 > have serious apprehensions about the live boxes not running exactly as they
 > ought to.

 The live system is less of an issue, frankly. Client has MS SQL Server and 
I've set that up to be the client store for them. I, however, do not want to 
buy and install SQL Server for myself just for a client store, but I'm now 
supporting so many projects and clients, that registry/cookie client variables 
isn't practical. I also have limited ability to tell the client's IT department 
what to do. I can only recommend, and since they aren't using derby, the 
likelihood of my being able to convince them to throw any resources at this is 
very limited since it's not a function they use. We're all stretched to the 
breaking point as it is (as is everyone else). I'm having enough trouble trying 
to convince them to use a grown-up e-mail system.

 > If you've got the resources (available kit, time), D/L 8.0.1 again, and try
 > a fresh install to see what you get...

 I will try again on my own dev system as soon as I can, but that may not be 
for a few months as the thing is now working.

 Thanks for your help and advice.

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