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DEWALT DW660 Heavy Duty Cut-Out 5 Amp 30,000 RPM Rotary Tool with 1/8-In

Subject: DEWALT DW660 Heavy Duty Cut-Out 5 Amp 30,000 RPM Rotary Tool with 1/8-Inch and 1/4-Inch Collets
Date: Friday, 22 May 09 1:16:26 GMT
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Best deal:

I've used this tool a good many times cutting through tough wood and it works 
great with no problem at all although the base could be made a little bit 
better but overall its a great tool to use.
The superiority of this outstanding DeWalt cut-out tolls forced the present 
manufacturers to redisign thier models.All rotory tools made after, have based 
thier disign after the DW660 .It is the OLNY toolless bit changable model 
avbailabvle .The Porter cable is made with too big of a head and the on/off 
switch is not convientient.THIS IS truly THE BEST !!!  A real drywallers dream 
.I should know because I was hanging when you had to make all cuts with keyhole 
saws &/OR the only available router was a Black N Decker that clearly stated in 
the warrannty that it was not designed for drywall and would void the warranty 
..Shure am thankful for Dewalts intelligence...
Good tool but bulky and over powered. I bought mine when only the tool was 
avialible. If I bought it today I'd buy the kit, but would definitely consider 
the RotoZip Kit as well it's $20 more but it's made by Bosch.
Fantastic cutout saw!  Easier to hold than the Porter Cable and I like the 
on/off buttons better than the PC.  While cutting out large segments of drywall 
(like doors and windows), the PC you have to leave running if your hands are 
full (of cut off drywall etc.) or manipulate your grip down towards the bit 
while it's running to shut off the tool.  The DeWalt is much easier to just 
"bump" the top (furthest from the spinning bit) against your chin to shut off 
the tool.  Maybe not the recommended method but it works great when your hands 
are full.  No problems with the tool whatsoever.  Just wish the bits cut faster 
(same with all the cutout tools).  Not having to use/find or lose an allen 
wrench is a definite advantage although the two buttons used to loosen/tighten 
the collet take a little getting used to.  Having a case to hold the tool and 
spare bits is also nice.  Excellent tool that I'm still using and enjoying very 
much.  Would buy it again!
Had this for a couple of years now.  I really like this tool for it's power and 
versatility.  So far I've used it to cut drywall, cut out squares and 
rectangles in thin wood, cut metal with the proper bits or abrasive wheel bits, 
etc.My gripes, are the no tool lock system of theirs.  The cheap plastic piece 
that says # 2 on it broke off and is not fixable, so basically, I just use a 
wrench to tighten it down now.  Also, this tool gets hot.  Especially when I'm 
using bits with the abrasive cutters on the ends.  Maybe that's not it's proper 
function, but regardless, it get's pretty hot.Besides that, I really like it's 
power and versatility.
In recent years, rotary cutout tools have soared in popularity, due mainly to a 
series of television infomercials promoting one brand. Though it doesn't 
receive the TV airplay of its main competitor, this DeWalt model uses a durable 
5 amp motor--the most powerful motor yet in a cutout tool--making it a great 
tool for professional drywallers, electricians, and carpenters. To help battle 
dust infiltration, the tool features a sealed motor and switch, a must for any 
serious drywall tool. It also sports a quick-and-easy, tool-free bit-changing 
system and comes with both 1/8 and 1/4 inch collets. We really like the 
bump-off switch for quick tool shutdown and the simple and effective tool-free 
depth adjustments. Like other rotary cutout tools, this one uses spiral cutting 
bits, which work equally well plunging into a cut as they do laterally. In our 
test we found the DeWalt to be smooth running with low vibration. We had no 
problem plunging and cutting through 1-1/2 inches of solid birch, whizzing 
through drywall, and tearing through tile. In fact, this tool has more power 
than you'd expect from something of its size, and if you aren't paying 
attention, it can get away from you--an easier to live with problem than lack 
of power. Some extraordinary claims have been made about rotary cutout tools, 
and while DeWalt's cutout tool is as versatile as any we've tried, and a bit 
more powerful than most, it's most effective at what it was designed for--quick 
cutouts in drywall, tile, and plywood. --Brian Trinen


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