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Re: CF8 cfdocument tag has a few new bugs

Subject: Re: CF8 cfdocument tag has a few new bugs
From: "Campag"
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 09:42:21 +0800
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
I did say "new" posts - so much of your response is mis-guided.

I like your take that the forum is so quiet becuase CF is so easy and nobody 
has problems. Of course, it's rubbish. I'm sure you'd agree that Microsoft 
Word (as an example) is easier than CF. By your logic, they would have far 
fewer posts in the Word forums. Of course, they have thousand becuase the 
number of active users is so high. Rest my case right there.

I once heard a "bury your head in the sand" CF developer state that the 
reason that CF books were going out of print and no longer popular was 
becuase CF was getting so easy! Even when O'Reilly publicy announced it was 
becuase of lack of demand, he felt that this was in no way a reflection of 
diminishing numbers of users and more and more and more folk leaving for 
greener pastures. Whatever you have to tell yourself, I guess.

re:  If someone claims there are only 3 posts (meaning new threads) a day, 
of course rubbish,

As I just explained - I used the word "new". And I was being generous. I've 
seen only two new posts pop up ina 3 day period on many occasions.

Number of posts IS a good indicator of popularity/Activity. Not on it's own 
perhaps, but combined with the dying book market, the removal of marketing 
from major publications, the CF classes being dropped world wide, the jobs 
market being a mere fraction of its former self. I think we can assume a 
valid point has been raised and that saying "rubbish" is a little silly.

"Fernis" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> >Forum averages about 3 new posts a day and has very small community - 
> >very
> quiet.
> The quoted sentence is just rubbish. Sure, CF community is (much) smaller 
> than
> for example PHP or Ruby communities. If you look at response rates to
> questions, however, everyone can notice CF forums are actually quite 
> active and
> helpful.
> I took a break to look at - a very active and 
> big
> community. However, I didn't find much difference in the helpfulness of 
> that
> community. Since there were only more people in the community didn't mean 
> you
> get answers quicker - in most cases it meant there' s just more people 
> with the
> same problems. Much more unanswered questions too than in CF forums. 
> (notice
> how immature and biased sentence that last one was, I can come up with 
> those
> too, although it just hurts thinking down to that level...)
> If someone claims there are only 3 posts (meaning new threads) a day, 
> that's
> of course rubbish, but a good thing - meaning people don't have much 
> problems.
> Saying there are only 3 posts per day is just rubbish, since there are 
> dozens
> of threads which get new replies every day.
> But as campag said, aside from the rubbish, bugs should be reported always 
> to
> Adobe too - forums is just a user community. Everybody knows that.
> -Ari Fernelius

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