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Re: GearHost & CrystalTech - Please review

Subject: Re: GearHost & CrystalTech - Please review
From: "MaryJo"
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 17:49:26 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
I'm not a huge fan of the CFDJ awards. Larger companies always win, whether or 
not their product is best, simply because they have more name recognition and 
users to vote for them. Far better would be a survey where people can rank any 
hosts they have used on a scale of 1-to-5 since I'd far rather be with a 
company that has 100 users that are 100% happy, than one that has 1000 users 
that are only 50% happy. But on the CFDJ awards, the second company would win 
by a landslide. 

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