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Re: Coldfusion 8 (I want it)

Subject: Re: Coldfusion 8 I want it
From: "Michael"
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 13:36:17 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
The OP's intent, regarding his title and his original post, is that he wants CF 
and he is asking for justification to get CF.  You can't sell someone on a 
product's weakness.  You must sell it on its strengths.

 It's interesting that you make the claim that, in most cases, CF is being used 
less in favor of .Net.  That is one of those broad generalizations that really 
skew things.

 What you really mean is that , "as far as you know", CF is being used less, in 
favor of .Net.  You know nothing of my environment where we are actually 
dropping other technologies in favor of CF.  However, if I made the general 
claim that CF is gaining ground on other technologies, (which it is from my 
personal perspective), I would then be viewed as a CF fan-boy.

 However, I know enough not to throw emotions into this.  Yes, I'm enthusiastic 
about CF.  It is the be-all solution?  No.  Is .Net the be-all solution?  No.  
However, in my situation, CF is the forefront of our core web technology, 
therefore, CF *is* the right choice for me.

 I find it interesting that only two people actually made suggestions that are 
directly related to the OP's question.

 I have nothing against .Net.  I think it's pretty sharp and it saved me quite 
a bit of difficulty with a recent SQL Server/Active Directory project.  I also 
tried my hand at CF/.Net integration during the CF pre-release program and I'm 
looking forward to using more .Net integration for my development, but in my 
situation, .Net will probably not replace CF.  (Note: I said "in my situation".)

 Frank, good luck with your research of CF/.Net.

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