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Passing variables with page redirect

Subject: Passing variables with page redirect
From: "trojnfn"
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:09:45 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
I have a cfform. After it is filled out and submitted, the action page 
generates a random reference_no and puts the data into a database. I then do a 
cflocation url and pass the reference_no to another page. This page takes the 
reference_no and does a cfquery again to get all the information just entered 
and displays it on the form. A javascript popup/alert message then tells the 
user the form was submitted with the reference_no and to print the form. I was 
advised to do it this way so that the form cannot be resubmitted again. 
Everything works fine the way I have it. 

 Now here is what I would like to do. After the form is displayed with the 
popup, I would like to pause 3-5 seconds and then redirect that page to another 
page that is identical (minus the javascript popup message) with the cfdoucment 
tag because I want them to print the form in pdf format. The problem I am 
having is when I do another cflocation url at the end of the display page and 
pass the referendce_no, to go to the pdf page, it works but it never stops at 
the display page to display the javascript popup message. So I tried to use the 
meta tag refresh rediredct set at 3 seconds and pass the reference_no. The 
display page with the javascript message works then the page is redirected but 
the reference_no is never passed and the pdf form comes up but without anything 
to display. I guess you cannot pass variables in a meta tag since that is not 
cf ? 

 How can I go from the page with the javascript popup to the page with 
cfdocuement pdf format ? 


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