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Re: Coldfusion 8 (I want it)

Subject: Re: Coldfusion 8 I want it
From: "Campag"
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 15:45:26 +0800
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
This thread is amazing - almost all of teh things said here are entirely 

Charts for .Net - they are free and plentiful. Web Charts is particualrly 
respected in this area (mainly as it is robust and easy to use) More on this 
here And a gzillion 
others via google.

So the chart thing, not a very good point. Neither is the "having to 
download stuff" as you need to do plenty of extra downloads with CF!! At 
least with you are virtually guaranteed a solution as it's just a 
way bigger industry.

You couldn't find an OR tool for .Net - thats a hoot. I use .Net Tiers adn 
NHibernate, both free and both awsome. Plus there are hundreds of others 
availabel commercially. .Net plops all over cf in ths area more than almost 
any other!!

re: Then you get into your database problems.  SQL

Not only are your point totally invalid, but now you are off on to 
databases. What has databases got to with anything here, totally different 
tool. Do you think that asp,net can't work with MySQL or any other database? 
It can and often does. So this point is not only invalid, but totally 

re: But guys come on.  I think the best part of Coldfusion are the 
developers and
the Adobe relationship to its community.  Head over to forums and
submit something to there 'moderated' forum.

And here it gets blatantly silly. The AspNet community is massive, and I 
mean MASSIVE! Microsofts committment, activity, and marketing can't even be 
compared to whatever you think it is Adobe are doing. Head over to the forums? Which ones - their are literally hundreds of them in all 
shapes and sizes and they are extreremly active. The cf forum gets a mere 
trickle of posts by comparison.

I'm not sure if it's plain ignorance or just porky pies, but there is barely 
a single valid point in many of these posts. Which is a shame as there are 
valid points in CF's favor. For whatever reason, none of them have been even 
mentioned here! Nearly everything here is just plain wrong and very easily 
proven to be.

Seriously, the amount of guff being presented here just looks delusional to 
anyone who has even half aclue about the web dev world. I'm beginning to 
wonder if cf developers are now almost exclusively newbies.

"frank_tudor" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> Thank you DueNorth2007...
> And that brings up a good point.  As I was learning .NET, I was amazed at 
> how
> quickly I was out there looking for things, CFX/UDF equivalents, saying to
> myself "someone must have done this before".  I found them, but they all 
> wanted
> cash money let me give you an example.
> In one of my projects, my boss wants me to provide pie charts.  I agree 
> pie
> charts would communicate ideas effectively.  But then I don't know the 
> system
> draw stuff in .NET nor do I have the time to dick with it.  So I found a
> package that could solve the problem...
> Here is what I found: for $395 (one
> website) or $995 for a server license so you can use it on more than one 
> IP.
> Hmmm..  Coldfusion includes this with there server package. And I just use 
> the
> cfchart stuff to build it..and it works and is beautiful.  I don't know 
> how
> dotnetcharting works or how you filter information to it.
> Ok next.  I need an O/R mapping tool.  Basically a crud/rad tool that 
> allows
> fast development of your forms (most common development excersise in the 
> web
> world).
> Great I go out and found tierDeveloper, which was a useful tool.  The cost
> $1,500 plus maintance and support for $800.
> So the price goes up.. Of course, but VS express version are free. 
> Yea...not
> really there are limitations to the free version, and to use the tools 
> above
> you need to have Standard or Professional installed.  $300.00 plus I need 
> a
> server license for Windows 2003 (web edition is $400) on new egg 
> currently.
> Then you get into your database problems.  SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
> cannot import or export database or tables.  So you have to get the 
> Standard
> version of that. This is a cost I cannot get around because I like SQL 
> Server
> however it is 5 grand (sheesh)
> What about the design side of things.  Basically the websites that are
> generated from VS look just like crap.  To get things to look nice you 
> have to
> go into the properties screens for everything.  My god you could make 
> yourself
> insane to get things just right.
> Microsoft has a solution for you but it just out of beta RC candidate 1.0 
> and
> it is called Silverlight...Great...
> Well I'm going to stop here.  You can see where I am going with this.
> Out of the box, the cost for solutions is cheaper both in man hours, and
> price.  I will cough up the $1300 for Coldfusion 8 any day.
> But guys come on.  I think the best part of Coldfusion are the developers 
> and
> the Adobe relationship to its community.  Head over to forums and
> submit something to there 'moderated' forum.  If this forum was moderated 
> like
> theirs Campag would have more difficult chance of causing flame wars.
> They do that for that very reason.  They just filter the questions and 
> make
> sure they are worded just right and it goes to the right place.  It so 
> nice and
> beautiful and friendly...gosh...
> Well if anyone else wants to give me more examples or reasons 'BESIDES' 
> Campag
> I would love to hear it...

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