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Re: Post a file using HTTP

Subject: Re: Post a file using HTTP
From: "kodemonki"
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 12:36:03 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
That is indeed the case!  Now how to get rid of it?  I changed the cfhttp tag 
 <cfhttp multipart="no" url="#ip_address#" port="10224" method="post" 
file="response.xml" path="C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CFDOCS\ADMI\PROD\ADP\">
        <cfhttpparam type="body" value="<Request/>" name="test">
 Which is supposed to return a response string to response.xml, but it's still 
getting the error.  I guess the remote server's processes cannot handle 
boundaries.  I have changed multi-part to "no", but it still doesn't seem to be 
working.  Are there any other ways to get rid of the boundary?

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