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Re: CFWebstore Version 6 Released!

Subject: Re: CFWebstore Version 6 Released!
From: "JayMorris"
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 04:57:27 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion

Before the situation gets greatly out of hand I would like to chime in..

 [b]Katsuey you wrote::
 That shows your bias right there. thanks for calling me all those
 names just because I found your product overpriced and stated
 my preference. I'd actually be hurt if it had been written by someone
 who wasn't selling a product. It also says something about the staff
 one would be dealing with if they purchased your product. [/b]

 The reply your responding to was not written by MaryJo, creator of CFWebstore, 
they were written by another user (perhaps slightly over aggresive) of the cart.

 [b]Katsuey You said::
 ""The original post and your follow-up is not what these forums are for - 
selling products.
 So now, I'm not hurt, I'm incensed that a shill would come in and
 call names when someone expresses their preference to a post that is
 obviously selling something.""[/b]

 To be honest Kat, the original post made by MaryJo, simply announced the new 
version of the store, and listed all of the features that were included, in 
fact it does not even boast a price of the product.

 And your follow up to the original post actually disclosed the products 
pricing and terms, and even seems like the only selling on this thread was done 
by YOU, please reread your comments to confirm.

 [b]Again Your Comments:
 ""I've done numerous ecommerce sites and found Cartweaver to be
 my cart of choice. Cartweaver CAN do some (not all) of the things
 listed in the original post and if one wants more features, they can
 add them on. And while I have problems with WACart because of its
 lack of support for CF and MySQL, it would probably end up being
 my second cart of choice. ""[/b]

 Again, you pitching another cart, after pitching the first. 
 This thread was started to announce a new release on a reliable product. Cost 
was and is not the subject, however little or much you pay for your carts. I 
like to think you get what you pay for, and I tend to think that any one on 
this site that would shell out Adobe money for an Adobe quality product would 

 Again, I do not mean to ruffle any feathers regarding this topic, but I am 
ringing in here to express my support for a product that I feel is a great 
Coldfusion product. I personally have been thru about 10 diffrent carts , some 
cheeper and some more exspensive, but none have impressed me better than this 
one. I can also gladly vouch for the service and commitment that MaryJo 
personally has delivered on almost all of my questions to date, and that kind 
of support is worth 10 times the price.
 Jay Morris

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