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Re: GearHost & CrystalTech - Please review

Subject: Re: GearHost & CrystalTech - Please review
From: "Katsuey"
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 16:09:28 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
Well I can speak for Gearhost. I had some problems with
CrystalTech right off and so I left them rather fast. I found
CT support to be very arrogant, especially to those not
experts in CF. (I can't stress very enough)

I had a multiple domain account with GH for 6 to 8
months (about 2.5 years ago). There were some problems,
sometimes I would get quick answers that it wasn't their
fault, but mine (most of the time they were right); but when
I was rather insistent with them, I always got the help I
needed. I've pointed out some of their early problems with
support because it does happen.

I've had a dedicated managed server with them for over
1.5 years and everything has been FAR better. First, I am
in an isolated environment so I can better determine what's
my problem versus a set up. My administrator has always been
great to me. When I had to use the regular tech support (my
admin is off), they aren't as good, but they haven't been a
problem - just less through in their answers. Gearhost is getting
better and better with support IMHO. The pricing simply can't
be beat.

Because it's relatively a small company compared to the others,
it's pretty easy to get to the top and even work out special arrangements.
If you are purchasing something beyond a "regular" account or have
special needs, I suggest you go directly to Ryan Gebos and ask for
what you need. He gets it done.

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