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Re: ANN: CFWebstore Version 6 Released!

Subject: Re: ANN: CFWebstore Version 6 Released!
From: "Katsuey"
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 09:28:55 -0500
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.cfml_general_discussion
 I briefly looked at their site and see they added
> some basic discounts and some better tax handling so maybe I am just 
> missing
> where some of these other features are. Or are those things you can buy to
> addon elsewhere? Do either of these offer Google Checkout?

First, SEO isn't really a "need" anymore, though some think it is.
SE's have gotten much better on following dynamic URLs. CW
does offer extended shipping options, various tax schemes, discounts.
It has a good admin area though there's room for improvement.
Overtime, CW3 will have more add-on modules.

CW does offer Google checkout but personally I'd avoid it like
the plague. Google Checkout demands it be upfront before any
other checkout options and that's just not acceptable to me since
its not a frequently used option unless you are selling very inexpensive

I continue to stand on the fact that I like to purchase a full license
(whatever the cost) and then use the software as I wish. It's more
the "idea" than the money to me. If I find the software to be very
good and useful, I will invest in it and use it. But having to decide
how many times I might use it to start with is a bummer. A copy
of the software is worth what it's worth - the number of times I use
it should have nothing to do with the price. In addition, a first time
use requires far more support and additional uses.

And as far as calling someone a "troll" simply because they have
differ preferences is just not the way to go. I didn't say the cart
was junk and not to use it (like the CF troll), I only stated that
to me, there are better options. 

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