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Subject: OnChange()
From: "primalx2003"
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 14:50:56 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.advanced_techniques
I have a question. I have the following script for my page:

 <!--- store the selected Main_Group variable variable after the first select 
boxes submits itself --->
 <cfif isDefined('form.select_Main_Group')>
     <cfset page.select_Main_Group = form.select_Main_Group>
   <form name="DropDown" method="post">
   <!--- query DB for the first drop down list --->
   <cfquery name="get_Main_Group" datasource="ds">
      SELECT group_id, group_name
      FROM tblGroups

   <!--- first drop down list --->
   <!--- NOTICE the onChange javascript event in the select tag, this is what 
submits the form after the first selection --->
   <select name="select_Main_Group" required="yes" 
      <option>Select Main Group</option>
      <!--- dynamically populate the first drop down list based on the 
get_Main_Group query --->
      <!--- NOTICE the CFIF within the option tag, this says, if the first 
selection has been made, display the chosen option when the page reloads --->
      <cfloop query="get_Main_Group">
          <option value="#group_id#" <cfif 
isDefined('form.select_Main_Group')><cfif form.select_Main_Group eq 
 <!--- if the first selection has been made, display the second drop down list 
with the appropriate results --->
 <cfif isDefined('page.select_Main_Group')>
    <!--- query DB for second drop down list, based on the selected item from 
the first list --->
    <cfquery name="get_Sub_Group" datasource="ds">
         SELECT group_id, subgroup_id, subgroup_name
         FROM tblGroups 
         WHERE group_id = #page.select_Main_Group# 

    <!--- second drop down list --->
    <select name="select_Sub_Group" required="yes">
       <option>Select Subgroup</option>
       <!--- dynamically populate the second drop down list based on the 
get_Sub_Group query --->
       <cfloop query="get_Sub_Group">
          <option value="#subgroup_id#">#subgroup_name#</option>

 I am using  onchange="this.form.submit()" but I don't want to submit the form. 
I tried using the onchange event but the values were not passing through. Can 
someone please help me.

 Thank you,

 Sevor Klu

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