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Re: INsert Into not working in query

Subject: Re: INsert Into not working in query
From: Azadi
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 20:47:10 +0700
Newsgroups: macromedia.coldfusion.advanced_techniques

sorry, can't help you with that, really, as i have never used or even heard of the PDSeditor... i understand it is some sort of rich text/HTML/WYSIWYG editor replacement for textareas, but i have not used it. i prefer tinyMCE, and a long time ago i used to use SOeditor, and now will probably switch over to FCKeditor since CF8 has it built-in...
but... if your ADD PROJECT page (or other pages) works fine with this
PDSeditor and saves the text you enter in the textarea into the db, then
it should work on the edit project page, too...
the function you posted, though, seems to just return the text you type
into this PDSeditor to the textarea... this js is called on form
submit... there must be another js function (or maybe even a whole js
library) that loads and initiates the PDSeditor instance(s) on the
page... if you can't see anything like that in your edit page (either
in-line js or included as external file) then maybe that is why it is
not working... look in the source of a page where the PDSeditor does
work to see how it is included/initialised and add same code to the edit
page if it is missing there.
strange, though, that you only have NAME attribute and no ID attribute
for the textarea - most js works with ID attribute to select an element
in the DOM as it is a lot easier than using NAME attrib.... maybe you
are missing a required ID attrib of the textarea and that's why the
PDSeditor does not load as it does not see the element to take over?
as a last resort, i would try just removing that style='display:none'
from your textarea to see if it matters at all or not...
on another issue, looking at the code for your SELECT form element (the
CATEGORY drop-down select), it looks like on the EDIT PROJECT page it
will display ONLY ONE category - the one that has been previously
selected for the project. what if i want to change the project category?
maybe you should populate the SELECT with all categories, but pre-select
the one that is currently associated with the project.
also, in your projMan query you do not need the AND c.CategoryID =
p.CategoryID in the WHERE clause - you already have that constraint in

Azadi Saryev

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