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Cisco Security Agent vs. Authorware Web Player

Subject: Cisco Security Agent vs. Authorware Web Player
From: "Tarrkid"
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 15:56:25 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.authorware
One of our customers is trying to use some of our Authorware-based eLearning on 
their SABA-based LMS.  The customer complained that launch time was extremely 
slow - taking five minutes, and their bandwidth is plenty healthy.

 Sounded to me like the web player was being downloaded each time - the longest 
delay was at the very outset of launching - so we did some investigating...  I 
had him looking for webplr.exe to see if it was persisting after he closed the 
web browser, and this is what we've found...
 [Q]It is being detected by our Cisco Security Agent as an untrusted 
 He did eventually find webplr.exe where it's supposed to be, but commented 
 [Q]The problem is we don't have access as employees to view that folder. One 
reason I was having trouble finding it.[/Q]
 I think that part's a red herring - although he wasn't able to browser the 
folder, webplr.exe was obviously running from there, since my content was 
running.  But what about the Cisco bit...?

 It seems odd that CSA would call webplr.exe an untrusted application, but 
still allow it to run, and then apparently delete it once they closed the 

 Has anyone had experience with Cisco Security Agent, or have any other clues 
as to where I might head to solve thsi problem?

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