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[ma-linux] a brief rant [please ignore]

Subject: [ma-linux] a brief rant [please ignore]
From: Maury Merkin
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 10:53:24 -0500
I used to compile my own kernels routinely but that was some time ago, perhaps 
as long ago as versions 1.x.x.  With the newer versions there has been an 
explosion of options many of which I don't understand and which are not 
described or explained clearly enough for me to know what to do, however, at 
about that time, the distros started to dramatically improve their 
installation routines and created kernels at installation which, for the most 
part, have been adequate for my purposes.

Now I must [well, really want to] compile my own kernel again.  And, aside 
from all of these daunting options, comes along a newer xconfig (I'm trying 
at the moment to use the QT version) which doesn't even make it clear as to 
how to say Yes, Module or No.  

I'm sure all of you kernel gurus think I must be moronic but I ask that anyone 
who has input into this process, please remember that not everyone who would 
like to take advantage of this or that feature has your technical know-how 
and that a simple line at the top of xconfig saying that "such-and-such == 
Yes; such-and-so == Module; blank == No" (or whatever) would clear up any 

(I do, btw, recognize that many of the options are clearly explained and even 
give [apparently-] useful recommendations on how to configure them.  I 
heartily appreciate those hints.)

And now back to trying to search the Docs.


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