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Re: [Ma-linux] any experience: android phone and linux desktop?

Subject: Re: [Ma-linux] any experience: android phone and linux desktop?
From: Serge Wroclawski
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 07:43:00 -0700
On Mon, Jun 07, 2010 at 02:36:18PM -0400, Timothy Ball wrote:
> so the "idea" of these new fancy "android" based fons is that you don't
> "sync" anything on the fon to anything on your desktop. rather you sync
> it to google and then it all gets handled.


This is where the "cloud" is incredibly powerful, yet incredibly annoying, and 
why we need to think more about how to 
approach the changing world without denying it exists.

The near thing about Android's APIs is they're not entirely Google-centric- 
they just are by default.

Let's take the contacts API. It actually has support for multiple providers. If 
I use the Facebook app, all my 
Facebook friends show up in my contacts, and if they put their phone numbers 
in, I can call them, etc.

That's incredibly powerful.

And it's also incredibly powerful to have my contacts synced up so that when I 
use my phone and get someone's email 
address at an event, it's available on my computer without me needing to do 

The utility of such features is undebiable. In fact I'd say that if the 
community's response is "Cloud is bad, don't 
use cloud"- you've lost the fight.

The real question then is how do we get FLOSS developers to start building 
applications that work the same way as 
Google/Facebook do.

There's no reason the cloud server which sync up with my phone can't be 
something I control.

It's just a matter of writing some code.


> as far as tethering is concerned you should root your fon asap so you
> can install the fantastic root tether for wifi users OR you can wait for
> the new froyo (all android releases are named after deserts) which will
> have built in tethering. the best part of this tethering? the fon
> becomes a std 802.11b adhoc AP. everything and anything should be able
> to connect. 

As I mentioned to Tim offline, if you're going to unlock your phone, do it 
ASAP, as it wipes your settings.

- Serge
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