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Re: [Ma-linux] laptop buying advice

Subject: Re: [Ma-linux] laptop buying advice
From: Timothy Ball
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 13:13:43 -0400
lenovo x300

I would contend that the best thing in the mac book pros (mbp) is the
core2 duo. it's probably intel's best chip ever. the mbp are nice enough
but I find that in the 15" config (the one w/ the longest battery life)
still somewhat lacking in the get up and go ability. Sure everythng
works but when you really need to just vim your way to a better future a
linux box w/ some vms is the way to go.

The lenovo's w/ 4GB of ram + the core2 duo w/ IBM's battery magic give
the x300 like 5hrs of pace-the-room battery time. It's big enough
that your fingers are comfortable typing [1] whilst having three (yes 3)
mouse buttons. 

Plus the thinkpads have a solid reputation for running linux.

So ultimately the model to aim for is the lenovo x300 6477-1UU which is
decribed on page 20 of the tabook.pdf [2]


[1] To me the ibm keyboards are the best keyboards even in laptop

[2] http://www.memestreams.net/users/timball/blogid10326362/

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