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Changes to m4/doc/m4.texinfo,v [branch-1_4]

Subject: Changes to m4/doc/m4.texinfo,v [branch-1_4]
From: Eric Blake
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:13:23 +0000
CVSROOT:        /sources/m4
Module name:    m4
Branch:         branch-1_4
Changes by:     Eric Blake <ericb>      06/09/21 04:13:22

Index: doc/m4.texinfo
RCS file: /sources/m4/m4/doc/m4.texinfo,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -u -b -r1. -r1.
--- doc/m4.texinfo      20 Sep 2006 03:59:42 -0000
+++ doc/m4.texinfo      21 Sep 2006 04:13:21 -0000
@@ -400,10 +400,14 @@
 Stop execution and exit @code{m4} once the first warning has been
 issued, considering all of them to be fatal.
-@item -e
+@item -i
 @itemx --interactive
+@itemx -e
 Makes this invocation of @code{m4} interactive.  This means that all
-output will be unbuffered, and interrupts will be ignored.
+output will be unbuffered, and interrupts will be ignored.  The
+spelling @option{-e} exists for compatibility with other @code{m4}
+implementations, and issues a warning because it may be withdrawn in a
+future version of @acronym{GNU} M4.
 @item -P
 @itemx --prefix-builtins
@@ -4765,7 +4769,7 @@
 In addition to the above extensions, @acronym{GNU} @code{m4} implements the
 following command line options: @option{-F}, @option{-G}, @option{-I},
-@option{-L}, @option{-R}, @option{-V}, @option{-W}, @option{-d},
+@option{-L}, @option{-R}, @option{-V}, @option{-W}, @option{-d}, @option{-i},
 @option{-l}, @option{--debugfile} and @option{-t}.  @xref{Invoking m4}, for a
 description of these options.

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