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Re: PHP Version requirement

Subject: Re: PHP Version requirement
From: Christian Grobmeier
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 07:50:04 +0300
Hi there,

So my question is : will log4php work with PHP 5.1.6 (I could for instance
modify the PHP version requirement in the package-config.php file before
building the package).

you'll need to try out. The code at the trunk is currently in heavy development and we have not checked the minimal configuration now. There was a thread in the past, but I am not sure if that one is still appropriate.
I would guess that it will work - give it a try. And please let us know if you have success :-) Btw, please be aware that there may be bugs in the current code, since it is in development.
If not, what other solution do I have ?

If it doesn't work with 5.1.x and you cannot upgrade, you don't have another solution with current code. You could try to check out an older version of the code which is able to run with PHP4.

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