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Re: New committers

Subject: Re: New committers
From: Knut Urdalen
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 00:00:53 +0200
Gavin wrote:
Christian Grobmeier and myself have been added as committers to the log4php
Great! Welcome to the team Christian and Gavin :)
Hopefully soon we'll get our act together and start looking at those patches
that some of you have attached to our issue tracker [1]
Very nice! Currently there is 10 "unassigned" tickets in JIRA. And one of them is a placeholder for moving the current TODO-list to JIRA as well so there is many things we can do here.
If you start working on any tickets and you think you are able to
resolve it please assign it to yourself so we don't work on the same issues.
For my part, I'd like to help with patches where I can, update the website
[2] and the Incubator page [3]. With luck I'd also like to help with the
direction of the project in general, look forward to helping get us an
incubator release out (the first!) of the door
For the first release I think we can just fix all current tickets in JIRA, do some testing and make a release available for download. That way we'll get more feedback from what we have in trunk now.

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