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Re: New committers

Subject: Re: New committers
From: Christian Grobmeier
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 07:13:36 +0200
> Christian Grobmeier and myself have been added as committers to the log4php
> project.

Cool you finally made it too ;-)

> Hopefully soon we'll get our act together and start looking at those patches
> that some of you have attached to our issue tracker [1] (Christian I have
> added you to the projects issue tracker so you can now assign issues to
> yourself should you feel the urge :) )

Thanks, you read my thoughts - I will go through the issues next days
and brin up to discussion what needs to be discussed

> For my part, I'd like to help with patches where I can, update the website
> [2] and the Incubator page [3]. With luck I'd also like to help with the
> direction of the project in general, look forward to helping get us an
> incubator release out (the first!) of the door and onwards to promotion from
> the Incubator as a sub-project of logging.apache.org the sponsoring project.
> (That last one could take a while).

I am glad that with you an more expierenced committer than i am is
involved in this project.


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