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RE: logging directory...

Subject: RE: logging directory...
From: "bruce"
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 16:25:17 -0800
hi knut..

i've been looking at the examples from the log4php app, as well as the link
you pointed me to..

must be missing something, because i can't seem to find/see anything that
sets the log file/dir...

what's the file that sets these vars...


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From: Knut Urdalen [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: Log4PHP User
Subject: Re: logging directory...

bruce wrote:
> how can i:
>  -set the logging file/dir?
>  -add a date/time to each line that's written to the log file?
Hi Bruce,

Take a look at the current examples in trunk.


I'm sure you'll figure it out :)

Best regards,
Knut Urdalen

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