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Re: LoggerPatternLayout %t resolves to PID

Subject: Re: LoggerPatternLayout %t resolves to PID
From: Knut Urdalen
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 01:16:15 +0200
Christian Hammers wrote:

I found it somewhat confusing that %t gets substituted by the PID and not
the name of the current thread. I had expected $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']. Why is
I see your point. It was directly ported from log4j where %t means the
name of the thread (which is the process ID).
So is %t buggy and do you have any ideas regarding my multi-application

You can use MDC (mapped diagnostic context) to resolve this:

LoggerMDC::put('filename', __FILE__);

on the top of the file. And use:


somewhere in your pattern layout to get the current filename.

Knut Urdalen

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