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PHP Configuration Problem

Subject: PHP Configuration Problem
From: "Suleman Butt"
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:56:55 +0200
I'm facing a problem in using php utility (log4php) for logging. Actually I have downloaded it and have executed test_body.php under tests directory, but I don't know if any log file is generated and if yes where ?? The above page executes with no problem, but there is no output on the screen so it's really confusing to know if there is any problem or not.

The main thing I want to know is where all those logger messages (warn,debugg, infor etc in test_body.php) being logged ?? How to configure the folder to be used as for saving generated log files ?

In test_body.php, my include paths are like these:
$_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/dev/travelsearch_dev";

define('LOG4PHP_DIR', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/logging/src/log4php");
require_once (LOG4PHP_DIR. "/LoggerManager.php");

I read soemwhere abt log4php.xml and it's dtd that contain configuration description for above problem, but then i dotn know the structure of this xml file. I'm using log4php0.9 and php5.1.4
Any help would be highly appreciated.

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