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Beginners questions

Subject: Beginners questions
From: "Roger Perttu"
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:41:48 +0200
I've run into some problems with Log4php and I'll just list them here to
get some comments.
- The link to bugzilla doesn't work so I can't check if my problems are

- I run PHP 5.1.2 with error_reporting(E_ALL) and I get stuff like this:
Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in
er.php on line 73

- Under some older version of PHP Log4php would fail to parse my
log.conf (log4j format, no xml) if it contained comments like this:
# my comment "filters"

Nothing got logged. If I changed the comment to:
# my comment filters
It worked.

- I've found another problem with comments too. This will also silence
# Important: Environment variables are case sensitive, ${TMP} is not the
# same as ${Tmp}

- I'm using PHPeclipse as editor and get a little warning about
require_once('DB.php'); in LoggerAppenderDb.php. DB.php doesn't exist.

- I'm not very confident in the performance of PHP so would it be
possible to implement something like LOG4PHP_DISABLE that would disable
all the require_once stuff in LoggerManager.php and return some "do
nothing" class from getLogger? The methods debug, info etc would just be

- Is there any release candidate for version 1.0 in the pipe?

Roger Perttu

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