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Re: Release schedule for log4php

Subject: Re: Release schedule for log4php
From: Knut Urdalen
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2006 22:54:11 +0100
Pentti Huttunen wrote:

> I was just wondering whether there is any kind of release schedule for
> log4php?

We don't have a release schedule at the moment (at least no one that I
know of, maybe Marco has one in his drawer...).

> I would really like to see a release or at least a snapshot of log4php.

Marco just announced that he wants to mark the current development line
of log4php stable for PHP 4 so we can move on creating the PHP 5
version. (only minor stuff fixed since 0.9).

Knut Urdalen
Software Developer
Telio Telecom AS

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