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Apache License vs GPL

Subject: Apache License vs GPL
From: "Pádraic Brady"
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 14:46:19 +0000
Hi there,

On the cusp of finding a 3rd party logger I came across the log4php article in phpArchitect. After finding this library extremely useful I was wondering about its current licensing status. Many of my applications are currently under the GNU General Public License which is apparently incompatible with the Apache License Version 2.0.
Do the developers have any thoughts on licensing? Will there be a switch (or
dual licensing) under the LGPL to make this more GPL safe?
Either way - this is a marvellous piece of work. I have other projects it
can be used in and I look forward to doing so. Hope the little publicity
brings you a lot more followers!
Kind regards

Pádraic Brady

aka Maugrim The Reaper

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