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Re: Logging the user's IP with log4php

Subject: Re: Logging the user's IP with log4php
From: "Marco V."
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 18:40:13 +0200
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Subject: Logging the user's IP with log4php

>Is there anyway to have it include the user's IP address,
>PHPSESSIONID, URL, and filename/linenumber?  These things are very
>useful - more than a PID etc in PHP.

You can use the method LoggerLoggingEvent::getMDC() (see LoggerMDC class for 
If you use the LoggerPatternLayout a conversion character %X{clientNumber} is 
what you need.
With %X{server.REMOTE_ADDR} you get the client IP address.
Put any key/value pair using the static method LoggerMDC::put(key, value) and 
get the value via %X{key}.

LoggerMDC::put('sessionid', session_id());
in log4php.xml
    <appender name="default" class="LoggerAppenderEcho">
        <layout class="LoggerPatternLayout">
            <param name="conversionPattern" value="%-5p [%t] [%X{sessionid}]: 
%m in %F line %L%n" />

For filename/linenumber:
with LoggerPatternLayout use the %F, %L conversion chars and with 
LoggerLayoutHtml, LoggerXmlLayout set the "locationInfo" property
"true". (with locationInfo enabled every log event calls a debug backtrace... 
(see LoggerLoggingEvent::getLocationInformation()).


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