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Re: [OT] Rackmount Cases w/PS?

Subject: Re: [OT] Rackmount Cases w/PS?
From: Al Dykes
Date: 6 Feb 2006 15:05:34 -0500
Newsgroups: linux.debian.isp
In article <[email protected]>,
Shane Chrisp  <[email protected]> wrote:
>On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 13:12 -0600, Jacob S wrote:
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>> Anyone on the list build their own rackmount computers/servers? I've
>> been looking to do this recently but noticed all of the rackmount cases
>> seem to be at least 5 times the price of regular towers. And that's
>> without a backplane or hot-swap bays. 
>> Is this just a fact of life in the rackmount world, or can someone
>> point me in the direction of good quality rackmounts for a decent price?
>Cant speak for your part of the world, but in Australia, a decent rack
>case costs a lot more than a similar tower style case. There are however
>a few no frills cases around which are much cheaper. Take a look at the
>SVEC cases if someone nearby to you stocks them. Typically I have found
>that the 4RU cases are the most cost effective, not to mention the
>simplist to build as you dont need to worry about half height cards,
>risers etc.

1U and 2U cases are a PITA for ad-Hoc use. 

I've done DIY rack systems with standard 72 inch racks (about $150
each) and rack shelves (about $30 each).  Each shelf will be 17 1/2
inches wide.

When I was doing this I found a low-tower ATX model case that was 17
inces high.  It would sit horizontal on a shelf. I could get 9 of them
in a rack.  

The result was good cooling, standard PSU, lots of internal space,
etc. Cheap.

Today I'd use mini (micro?)-ATX mobos and cases and get lots more in a
rack.  (I can never keep the mini/micro thing straight.)

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