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Re: consumer grade circuits vs pro grade circuits

Subject: Re: consumer grade circuits vs pro grade circuits
From: Al Dykes
Date: 25 Sep 2005 23:29:10 -0400
Newsgroups: linux.debian.isp
In article <[email protected]>,
Dan M. MacNeil <[email protected]> wrote:
>The recent multi-homing discussion had a few disparaging remarks about 
>"consumer grade" circuits.
>I've heard people (particularly sales people) express the opinion that a 
>T1 was much better than DSL in terms of quality.
>I've heard:
>        "Unlike DSL a T1 is tariffed and regulated so
>         guaranteed a particular level of quality."
>         "DSL has high latency"
>However, it is difficult to pin people down on specifics and several 
>evenings of googling have not brought me clarity.
>In our case, one of our spaces is within a few hundred meters of the 
>central office. We can get very high quality 6M/785K DSL for $150/month
>Theoretically (3) fast DSL connections would give us more bandwidth and 
>redundancy than one $400 T1 (we get non profit pricing)
>What am I missing?
>Any links or thoughts would be helpful.

In addition to what others have said I'll add;

- T1 circuits are always symetric speed. 

- The T1 speed is constant and guaranteed and fixed if the error rate
goes above some miniscule level.

- The phone company fixes T1 links real quick in  my experience. Depending
on the type of contract they may even act proactivily.

- There is a wide choice of equipment that can be put on endpoints
of a T1.  SOme, maybe all of them provide lots of statistics 
for error rate so failures will be diagnosed. 

- A T1 is point-to-point. A DSL link is different in that one point is
always at a POP for your ISP. This can be two branches of a company
but it's common with a T1 line for one end to be on a customer
location and the other end to be at the co-location building that
houses your dedicated servers.

- A T1 link is always "on". There is no login as there is with PPPoE,
used on DSL links. 

- T1 equipment can be connected directly to the offices PBX phone system
and used to carry voice between branch offices in addition to data.  

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