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Re: [lemonade] VFOLDER and mutable fields/WITHIN

Subject: Re: [lemonade] VFOLDER and mutable fields/WITHIN
From: Dave Cridland
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 23:25:53 +0000
On Sun Nov 19 18:45:57 2006, Dan Karp wrote:
We've got a product that's fundamentally search-based, and representing searches on dynamic attributes has been one of the more vexing issues. We've found that people would rather run a search once and then work their way through a static snapshot of the result set than have the results vary in real time with changes in the backing store. Your mileage may vary, but our users seemed put off when anything other than a real "delete" caused search results to disappear from their view, or when anything other than newly-deposited mail caused new search results to appear. They'd rather explicitly re-run the search than have it change out from under them.

Yes, I get annoyed when I'm using a SEARCH based on UNSEEN, such that messages would vanish as I read them. So I instruct the client, by a checkbox, not to dynamically remove messages from the display which cease to match. It can be done client-side, even with CONTEXTs.

On the other hand, I always want to see messages which become matching, whether due to delivery or changes in circumstance.

So I'm fine with a protocol that always keeps the client up to date, and I'm equally fine with a protocol that refreshes a client view only when the user revisits a "saved search". I just think that a protocol that EXPUNGEs when a message no longer fits the search criteria will lead to bad user experience.

One aspect of virtual mailboxes is that should a message cease to match, it not only vanishes in a way that's indistinguishable from the message being EXPUNGEd, but also it vanishes in such a way that it's no longer accessible. In other words, the client cannot choose the behaviour above. This is particularly annoying if the client relies on the implicit \Seen flag setting behaviour of a non-PEEK FETCH, but might actually be frustrating with WITHIN, too.

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