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Re: [lemonade] VFOLDER and mutable fields/WITHIN

Subject: Re: [lemonade] VFOLDER and mutable fields/WITHIN
From: Arnt Gulbrandsen
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 13:43:46 +0100
Dave Cridland writes:
Well... In fact, I think current proposals prevent selection of
virtual mailboxes by naïve clients anyway.

How so?

Or you could simply not return a UIDNEXT value on the VFOLDER and
effectively do an "UNEXPUNGE" while the client's not looking.
Clients are built defensively enough that introducing a new message
whose UID isn't the highest in the mailbox will still work.  (It's
my secret shame -- trust me on this.)  You'd still be abiding by the
defining rule for UIDs:

   A 32-bit value assigned to each message, which when used with the
   unique identifier validity value (see below) forms a 64-bit value
   that MUST NOT refer to any other message in the mailbox or any
   subsequent mailbox with the same name forever.

But then you're going be to breaking the mailbox semantics. (And trust
me, there are clients for which reintroducing UIDs will break them. I
believe my client is not the only one.)

I suspect (without concrete evidence) this might be the case for many
users of c-client.


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