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Re: [laptop-discuss] APIC Error interupt

Subject: Re: [laptop-discuss] APIC Error interupt
From: Michael Li
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 10:48:11 +0800

James Cornell wrote:
> Leif Haldorsen wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> I'm getting the following error messages when booting Solaris 5.11 (v74)  to 
>> both 32bit and 64bit version:
>> APIC Error interupt on CPU 0. Status 0 = 0, Status 1 = 40.
>> sometimes 1 error line, other times up to 4 error lines.
>> Do anybody have a clue?
>> My self, I do not have a clue about it, and can not find any information 
>> about it either.  The BIOS does not have the options see or to make changes 
>> to any thing else than boot sequence and other not so important things. 
>> Can I assume that my laptop will be well behaved when running with these 
>> errors?
>> I'm worried about possible implications form this error.
>> As an example - when i used NDIS v1.1 to make and set up my built inn 
>> wireless (broadcom 4318), i first did this from 64 bit mode but this 
>> resulted in a panic crash after reboot when coming to the point where the 
>> GUI should start.  

NDIS1.1 can not support bcm4318 in 64bit mode, but 32bit mode. This 
issue has nothing to do with APIC.

- Michael

Thereafter I made a 32bit boot and installed the 32bit drivers from this 
mode. This worked fine, so i continued with the project and at the end i 
ended up with the solution of only to copy the 64bit drivers to their 
locations without making use of add_drv for the 64bit drivers.  this did 
the trick and everything seems to work fine.
>> I'm running on ASUS A6 notebook.  AMD Turion 64 bit. 1.5 Gb RAM.
>> best regards
>> lehaldor
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> APIC - Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (Currently used)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Programmable_Interrupt_Controller
> PIC - (Older legacy method)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmable_Interrupt_Controller
> Basically it's related to context switching, changing the execution
> state of hardware for multitasking and symmetric multi-processing operation.
> This is probably one of the most common errors you'll find that isn't
> due to negligence on the developer's behalf.  I get this on my Ultra-20
> with some operating systems, and some kernel versions.  (BSD or Linux in
> this case, Solaris has no issues)  Disabling SMP by passing a kernel
> parameter will almost always fix the issue but this is a workaround, the
> only way to get it fixed is wait, or do it yourself.  Some motherboards
> have flaky APIC's.  (Southbridge chipset)  You wont have dual-core
> functionality if you disable APIC.
> Check the BIOS for an option to disable APIC. or remap the resources
> manually if you can figure out which interrupt is causing it, and it
> might solve the issue.
> James
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