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Re: [laptop-discuss] Re: Re: Wireless driver for sol x86? wpi

Subject: Re: [laptop-discuss] Re: Re: Wireless driver for sol x86? wpi
From: Brian Xu - Sun Microsystems - Beijing China
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 11:15:24 +0800
the current wpi driver only supports wep mode, supporting wpa is the next step.

now only the ath driver supports wpa.

s acres åé:
I can see in the sources there will be a new SUNWwpi pkg and SUNWwpar SUNWwpau 
(for wpa).
I installed from the latest onnv-gate sources on b62.
I altered the following script from Masayuki Murayama's bfe pkg, adddrv.sh:

#! /bin/csh -f
set DEVLIST = ""
set DEVLIST = ($DEVLIST '"pci8086,4222"')       # intel 3945abg
set DEVLIST = ($DEVLIST '"pcie8086,4222"')      # intel 3945abg

#echo $DEVLIST

/usr/sbin/add_drv -n -v -m '* 0600 root sys' -i "$DEVLIST" wpi
Following I: devfsadm -i wpi; ifconfig wpi0 plumb; svcadm enable network/physical:nwam

This popped up a list of AP's (I still can't get wep/wpa though.

Now have wpi up & running.
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